About Us

In the Spring of 1992, we wanted to open a friendly neighborhood cafe serving a quick, but delicious lunch...the type of lunch we grew up eating! Gourmet coffee businesses were becoming popular at that time, and we decided to expand our dream a bit further to include coffee and pastries.  We wanted our patrons to experience "one of a kind" desserts, so we tapped into family recipes and put our own personal twist on them.

But more than food and coffee, we wanted our cafe to be a gathering place; a place for people to make it their own, whether for business, pleasure, quiet time, meetings, after-dinner coffee & dessert... We also wanted it to be an upscale, but casual atmosphere with a friendly staff. We thought, " We want it to be everyone's cafe: kid-friendly, students, professionals, lunch with friends, etc." We needed a name that would explain the feel of the cafe just by saying the name. Knowing we wanted to use the Italian word for cafe/coffee, we combined all of our ideas and the name came to us. It would be Caffe! Caffe! with exclamation points for emphasis and excitement!

Caffe! Caffe! has received numerous awards and accolades over the years for "Best Salads", "Best Soup", "Favorite Food in a Coffeehouse" to name a few. But, none of this would be possible without the many people who have worked at Caffe! Caffe! over the past 25 years. Their loyalty, service, and strong work ethic are a large part of Caffe! Caffe!'s success.

We have a lot to be thankful for, and mostly it's YOU, our customers, that make Caffe! Caffe! the gathering place it has become. You came to meet friends, co-workers, family, and clients. You brought your children after school and met each other for evening coffee and dessert. You made Caffe! Caffe! whatever it needed to be for you, and we are delighted to still be here for you. Your continued patronage over the years is why we coined the phrase: "Meet me at...Caffe! Caffe!"

- Gerard & Lisa Beck