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      Daily Brew: Medium roast, dark roast, coffee & chicory, decaf, and flavored

      Espresso Drinks: Cappuccino*, Latte*, Royale*, Mocha*

      Iced Coffee: Cold dripped iced-coffee

       Frozen Coffee: Caffe Freeze

      Tea & Cocoa: Chai tea*, Hot chocolate*

*Offered over ice

   Coffees may be purchased by the pound or half pound. Coffees are ground to meet your coffee brewing needs or may be purchased as whole beans. All of our coffees are roasted locally to ensure the freshest coffee possible. Our coffee is categorized by a distinct flavor and strength variation.....

      Specialty Fruit Teas are a tasty and refreshing alternative to traditional teas. They are caffeine-free, sugar-free, and may be served hot or iced. Although referred to as "teas", these blends do not contain tea, but rather a unique blend of flowers and herbs. These may also be purchased by the pound, by the half pound, or by the quarter pound.

Berry Cocktail
Peach Apple
Tropical Breeze
Blue Eyes
Piña Colada
Crimson Berry



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