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CAFFE SANDWICHES                        


The Classics

A selection of our specialty gourmet salad sandwiches including chicken salad,

shrimp salad, tuna salad, and egg salad.    $43/ $86


The Traditional

An all meat sandwich tray which includes an assortment of our oven roasted

turkey, ham club, chicken salad, chipotle chicken wrap, and turkey club sandwiches.   $44/ $88


The Ultimate

An assortment of gourmet meat sandwiches and veggie sandwiches which includes

our chicken salad, ham club, oven roasted turkey, shrimp salad, and avocado wrap.    $45/ $90


                              Small tray 10 half sandwiches on a tray which serves 5 to 10                                 

                Large tray - 20 half sandwiches on a tray which serves 10 to 20                    


Wrap -N -Roll

An assortment of our whole wheat wraps which includes the chipotle chicken

wrap, the Greek chicken wrap, the avocado wrap, and a veggie wrap.    $46/ $84


         Small tray - 12 half wrap sandwiches on a tray which serves 6 to 12                    

         Large tray - 22 half wrap sandwiches on a tray which serves 11 to 22                  


The Signature

  A tray of  Caffe! Caffe!'s signature chicken salad served on 36 mini croissants.     $99

           Caffe! Caffe! has specially priced our most popular and best selling sandwich trays above.

      A la carte pricing is available for any substitutions or customized trays. A manager will be

            available to help you mix and match items to suit your specific needs.







Romaine lettuce served with croutons, Romano cheese and our signature

homemade Caesar dressing served on the side.                                 $35/$60

Topped with grilled chicken                                                              $47/$80     




Artichoke hearts, bacon, egg, cherry tomatoes & crumbled bleu

cheese atop a bed of mixed greens served with our bleu cheese vinaigrette.       $47/$81

Topped with grilled chicken                                                                                      $59/$101



Sliced avocado, gorgonzola cheese, walnuts & red onions served atop Romaine

lettuce garnished with orange slices and served with our mango dressing.                 $43/$74

Topped with grilled chicken                                                                                                 $55/$94 



Mixed greens topped with feta cheese, red onions, green peppers, cherry tomatoes,

& calamata olives, served with our homemade Greek dressing and pita wedges.      $35/$60

Topped with grilled chicken                                                                                                 $47/$80



Fresh spinach, crumbled bacon, mushrooms, red cabbage, egg wedges, and roasted

almonds served with a Sweet Onion Vinaigrette                                                               $38/$67

Topped with grilled chicken                                                                                                 $50/$87



    All catering salads are served with the dressing on the side.

                  Disposable, plastic tongs are provided.

       Small Bowl serves approximately  12 to 15 - 4oz. cocktail size portions
       Large Bowl serves approximately  21 to 25 - 4oz. cocktail size portions


              By the pint                                              By the gallon    

        Egg Salad $10                                                                Caffe Freeze $28

             Shrimp Salad $22                                                         Flavored Iced Tea $14

   Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad $15                                        Unsweetened Iced Tea $10

                  Salad Dressings $12                                               Iced Coffee, Hot Chocolate $22


All catering orders require 24 hours advance notice. Orders must be pre-paid or a credit card number given as a guarantee of payment. Cancellations must be made prior to 24 hours before requested pick-up time for a refund to apply.


4301 Clearview Parkway                                   3547 North Hullen

   504-885-4845                                                     504-267-9190




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